Panic Device

 All glass panic device 

PRL offers an outstanding selection of all-glass panic device doors to provide a secure, majestic, entrance for your business. Designed for emergency egress systems, PRL’s glass panic entrances are fabricated from heavy glass doors equipped with tubular panic hardware devices. The hallmark of our all-glass panic device doors is they provide a frameless appearance and are fitted with discreet hardware enabling a large, lavish view with fewer visual obstructions to distract from your storefront.

PRL’s all-glass panic device doors are fabricated with heavy tempered or laminated glass available in ½”, 5/8” or ¾” glass thickness. Available with a variety of locking options, we offer five standard glass door styles with continuous top and bottom door rails or corner patch fittings from our PL rail series or PL Euro patch fitting series. Fabricated with standard 9 ½” door or corner patch rails, we also offer an I-line style door to accommodate 1 3/16” narrow vertical stiles.  

All-Glass Top Hung Sliding Doors to meet your needs. For more information click here 

Sold to: 
  • Complete panic systems available for glazier contractors and door manufacturers 
  • Individual panic device only available for door manufacturers 


Tested to 2.0 million cycles


Custom Oversized Available. Doors up to 10 ft. High available depending on design.


Panic Device with the Fastest Leadtimes in the Industry. This applies for Standard configurations, Consult us for details. 

Interior Operating Handle


PL102- Square "Mitered"


PL100-Traditional "Radiused"


PL101- Tubular "Mitered"

Exterior Handle

Watch our  All Glass Door Panic Device video
Our entrance systems have all hardware preinstalled upon delivery and include your choice of door styles, glass, emergency egress panic device and exterior handles.